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Welcome to Sovereign Accounts. Our small and professional team take away the stress of your bookkeeping. Sovereign Accounts offers a FREE initial 1 ½ hr consultation, during which time we gather as much information as we can to ensure we understand your circumstances, what it is you are looking for and what it is you need in order to suggest the best possible bookkeeping solution for where you are in business now, and where you plan to be.

Located at the north end of the Gold Coast we are close to the bustling Gold Coast Marine Precinct and the Coasts Northern growth corridor. Contact your bookkeeping professional, Sovereign Accounts today for your initial free consult to see how we can help you.


I’m often asked, what do you mean by a qualified bookkeeper?  Not all bookkeepers are the same.  Much like not all mechanics are the same.  Different life experiences shape us, much like different amounts of training shape the services that we offer you.

Under the Tax Agent Services Act 2009, all bookkeepers that offer a service for a fee are required to be registered, however not all bookkeepers are aware of that. 

What does registration require?  Over 1000 hrs relevant experience, Professional Indemnity Insurance, membership to a professional organization and ongoing professional development. 
Those bookkeepers who do have the aforementioned are termed BAS Agents.  It’s the ATO’s way of raising the standards of bookkeepers and providing you with a better service.

Working with many accountants, they are quick to testify the difference that a qualified bookkeeper has on your accounts, over someone who has not had the same sort of training.  And more so with Sovereign Accounts – Cilla Keirnan also holds an Accounting Degree that enables her to see figures differently to those with minimal experience and training.

If professionalism and qualifications are a priority for you in choosing the right bookkeeper, we suggest you contact Your Professional Gold Coast Xero Bookkeeper, Sovereign Accounts.


Being in business is great, but understanding what the figures mean is a whole other matter.  Surprisingly, not many bookkeepers take the time to sit with their clients and explain what the figures mean at end of month or end of quarter.
Getting a grasp on what your business is telling you is vital to understanding its health and longevity.  Can you put on an extra staff person, can you give yourself a wage increase or are you paying too much for your materials?

What does it mean when the accountant writes to you and says your COGS is too high.  What does COGS even mean?

Getting your head around the fundamentals of your financials can empower you to ask better questions and seek better solutions to building a more efficient business, one that you can be proud of, one that you may even want to sell.

Contact your Professional Gold Coast Xero Bookkeeper, Sovereign Accounts and tell them you would like some training in how to read your financials to make better business decisions.



Cilla Lee-Leong
B.Bus. (Acc.) (NSW)

Phone 0419 739 645
PO Box 39, Tyalgum NSW 2484

Gold Coast Xero Bookkeeper
Gold Coast Xero Bookkeeper Gold Coast Xero Bookkeeper